NSSC FW Series

NSSC, the largest stainless steel producer in Japan, release epoch-making Sn-added stainless steel grades, NSSC FW-series, in 2010. NSSC FW-series have corrosion resistance equal or superior to 18Cr-Stainless steel or 18Cr-8Ni-Stainless steel which are common grades in the world.


World first! New Lean Duplex ”NSSC 2120”!
Duplex to be substituted for Type 304 and able to weld by High-Heat Input

Crystal Series

Higher performance stainless steel was achieved by new joint proposal.
Based on material manufacturing and grinding technology that NSSC and
TSG have accumulated respectively over many years

DUPLEX Development

“Duplex” is one of the key strategies of NSSC, the largest stainless steel producer in Japan. In this autumn (2010), NSSC is becoming the distinct supplier of duplex plates with world widest width(‘4M’) after completion of under-going investment.


NSSC not only sells its stainless steel products but provides customers with solution based on its knowledge and experiences. In order to meet customers’ detailed requirements, NSSC gives supports from selection of adequate grades and materials to how to use and process them.