Message from CEO

NSSC is determined to be a global contributor through its
advanced technology; to contribute on the basis of the
knowledge and experience it has gained as the largest
stainless steel mill in Japan as well as with the innovative
spirit it has cultivated since its founding.

Hitoshi Ito
Representative Director and President

Our Goal

In 2010, we developed the "NSSC®FW Series," a resource-saving, high performance stainless steel, by exploiting the world's first Sn-added technology. Through this development, we have successfully reduced the content of rare metals by up to 40% in comparison with our standard stainless steel (SUS304).

In 2012, we created "NSSC®2120," a type of duplex stainless steel developed as an alternative to our standard stainless steel (SUS304). The benefit of this duplex steel is that it consumes fewer rare metals. Moreover, by taking advantage of duplex steel's higher strength we have made our steel thinner and lighter, resulting in lower production costs for our customers.

The demand for "NSSC®FW Series" and "NSSC®2120," both of which were developed through the advanced technology of NSSC, continues to increase on a worldwide basis.

In addition, in 2012, "SAF," the facilities used to recover rare metals, has started its operation at our Hikari Works to save our raw materials in the manufacturing processes.

Through our technology as well as our spirit for stainless steel, we will combine our strengths to provide excellent solutions for our customers.

We will continuously make our best endeavor to satisfy our customers.