Kashima Works


Since its founding as Kashima Nippon Stainless Steel corporation in 1968, Kashima Works has produced cold-rolled stainless steel sheets in its advanced stainless steel sheets plant over many years. In October 2003, the works made a new start as NSSC. The production of plates, which had been carried out at Kashima Works until then, was transferred to Yawata Works. Likewise, the production of the tandem-rolled stainless steel was also transferred to Nippon Steel’s Yawata Works.

At present, Kashima Works joins with Hikari Works to conduct the stainless steel sheet operations of NSSC. It utilizes its high-grade manufacturing technology, which it has accumulated in a wide range of product fields, as a base for the production of the ferritic stainless steel sheets used in home appliances, kitchen equipment, automobile exhaust systems, and other products.


Cold rolling mill: No.3 cold-rolling mill
Cold rolling mill: No.4 Annealing & pickling
Automatic carriers


2-1 Hikari, Kashima-shi, Ibaraki Pref., Japan 314-0014
Tel. 0299 (84) 3702
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