R&D Center

At our research center, we have built upon the R&D results and methods accumulated by Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries,Ltd., and we are proceeding with high-level R&D activities that are worthy of a special designation as a top-class manufacturer.

The nucleus of this research center is a total R&D system covering the different processes ranging from steelmaking to materials and from the basics to applications. Individual groups for flat-rolled products research, automotive materials research, heavy plates, bars and wire rods research, stainless steelmaking research, environmental research, and research planning all develop R&D activities aimed at providing solutions that accurately and swiftly meet our customers requirements in various fields, including construction, transportation machinery and electrical products.

We are taking an aggressive research and development posture which serves as a propelling force for contributing to society through the development of new stainless steel products and supporting the growth of the stainless steel business.



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