Yawata Works (Plate mill)


In 1957, Yawata Works began operations as a plate mill in Yawata Works of Yawata Steel and in 1963 it began production of stainless steel plates. In 1988, the plant renewed and became the dedicated plate mill for stainless steel having a wide, 4-high stand mill (at that time).

In October 2003, the works made a new start as NSSC. With the transfer of production from Kashima Works, Yawata Works now ranks among the top mills in the world in production scale. At present, it is promoting measures for increasing its production capacity of duplex steel plates approximately threefold to a level of 3,000 tons/month (planned completion date of August 2010).

Outline Yawata Works of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

While producing steel-making materials of the chromium stainless steel, Yawata Works undertakes the hot rolling of NSSC's entire sheet steels. It also undertakes the tandem rolling of NSSC's high-quality stainless cold-rolled sheets with efficiency.


Plate mill: Finishing rolling mill
Hot rolling mill: Finishing rolling mill
Cold rolling mill: Tandem rolling mill


2108-1 Aza-hato, Ooaza-maeda, Yawatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka Pref., Japan 805-0058
Tel. 093 (672) 2356
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