JSSA (Japan Stainless Steel Association)
Award Winning Products and Applications

We would like to introduce our innovative products for various which were awarded as the most creative use of stainless steel features by the Japan Stainless Steel Association. These products and applications came from collaboration between the stainless steel producer, NSSC and the stainless steel customers.

Some of our most recent awards include:

Haneda Airport D-runway [Stainless Lining Jacket] Highest Award

Seawater resistant NSSC 270 supports the new D-runway at Haneda Tokyo International Airport.

External Wall (GRC panel) of Nippon Keidanren Building [Stainless Rebar] Award

NSSD 410 rebar is more suitable for Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete panel.

Duplex Stainless Steel Vertical Type Pump Award

Canning pumps made of NSSC duplex stainless steel have been used as seawater pumps across the world.

Automobile Fuel Union Parts Award

NSSC 160R with excellent cold forging feature allows one molding process for automobile engine parts.

Salt Resistance Pole Transformer Special

Replacement galvanized steel with NSSC 409L and/or NSSC 410 bring LCC merit in the use of transformer cases.