Selection according to the Steel Grade

NSSC offers the stainless steel best-suited for any application.

NSSC produces various stainless steel grades in accordance with the public standards such as JIS, ASTM and EN. Moreover we provide many grades such as the high grade, NSSC series which has been developed on the basis of the common grades like JIS in order to meet customers’ needs. You can meet your stainless steel needs from our product grades.

NSSC series

Stainless steel that accords to unique NSSC type steel providing superior performance and which is improved from JIS and other general steel grades, in response to customer requirements.

NSSC Austenitic

Austenitic stainless steel with superior deep-drawing properties and stretch formability.

NSSC Ferritic

Ferritic stainless steel with superior formability and weldability.

NSSC Martensitic

Martensitic stainless steel with extremely improved hardenability.

NSSC Austenitic-Ferritic (Duplex)

Duplex stainless steel showing superior resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.