NSSC Austenitic

The austenitic type stainless steels, as far as worked with solid solution heat treatment, are non-magnetic and nonhardenable by heat treatment, while they exhibit a wide range of mechanical properties and become slightly magnetic when cold worked.
And especially, they can exhibit the maximum softness, elongation and corrosion resistance in its annealed state; that is rapid cooling from high temperatures.

Product Characteristics Component Similar grade
NSSC 27A High formability 17Cr-7Ni-2Cu SUS 304J1
NSSC 27AS High formability  Softness  17Cr-7Ni-2Cu-LC,N SUS 304J1
NSSC 304RM2 High formability  Season cracking resistance 18Cr-9Ni-1Cu -
NSSC 304JS High formability  Softness  Season cracking resistance 17Cr-8Ni-3Mn-3Cu-LC,N SUS 304J1, SUS 304J2
NSSC 130M High Strength  Non-magnetism  18Cr-6Ni-9Mn-0.3N
NSSC 131 Non-magnetism 18Cr-6Ni-5Mn-0.2N
NSSC 304N High Strength 18Cr-8Ni-0.2N-Nb SUS 304N2, ASTM XM-21
NSSC 304UL Intergranular corrosion resistance 18Cr-10Ni-LC SUS 304L
NSSC 305B Heat resistance  Oxidation resistance 19Cr-13Ni-3.5Si SUS XM15J1, ASTM XM-15
NSSC 316UL Intergranular corrosion resistance 17Cr-15Ni-2Mo-LC SUS 316L
NSSC 110M Stress corrosion cracking resistance 18Cr-10Ni-2Cu-2Si-0.8Mo SUS 315J1
NSSC 170 Pitting corrosion resistance  High Strength 25Cr-13Ni-0.9Mo-0.3N SUS 317J2
NSSC 317LN Pitting corrosion resistance  High Strength 19Cr-13Ni-3.5Mo-0.2N-LC SUS 317LN
NSSC 260 Sulfuric-acid resistance  High Strength 20Cr-15Ni-3Mo-1.5Cu-0.2N-LC
NSSC 260A Sulfuric-acid resistance  High Strength 22Cr-16Ni-3.5Mo-2Cu-0.2N-LC
NSSC 270 Seawater-corrosion resistance  High Strength 20Cr-18Ni-6Mo-0.2N-LC SUS 312L, ASTM S31254
NSSC 270R Seawater-corrosion resistance 20Cr-23Ni-6Mo-LN