NSSC Ferritic

This stainless steel is Cr-type, and 18%-Cr stainless is most typical. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment, while it shows the maximum softness, elongation and corrosion resistance in its annealed state. It offers magnetism as does the martensitic-type stainless steel.

Product Characteristics Component Similar grade
NSSC 409L High formability  11Cr-0.2Ti-LC SUH 409L
NSSC 430D High formability  17Cr-0.4Ti-LC,N SUS 430LX、 ASTM 439
NSSC PDX High formability  Softness 17Cr-0.2Ti-ULC,N SUS 430LX、ASTM 439
NSSC 160R Cold forging  17Cr-0.4Cu-Nb-LC,N -
NSSC 432 Corrosion resistance  High formability 17Cr-0.5Mo-0.2Ti-LC,N SUS 436J1L
NSSC 436S Corrosion resistance High formability 17Cr-1.2Mo-0.2Ti-LSi-LC,N SUS 436L、ASTM 436
NSSC 180 Rust resistance 19Cr-0.4Cu-0.4Nb-LC,N SUS 430J1L
NSSC 190 Pitting corrosion resistance 19Cr-2Mo-Nb-Ti-LC,N SUS 444
NSSC 190L Pitting corrosion resistance, Weldability 19Cr-2Mo-Nb-V-LC,N SUS 444
NSSC 220M High rust-resistance 22Cr-1.6Mo-Nb,Ti-LC,N SUS 445J2
NSSC 405Si Oxidation resistance 12Cr-2Si-0.15Al -
NSSC FHZ High-temperature strength 13Cr-1Si-Nb-LC -
NSSC FH11 Oxidation resistance 18Cr-2.5Si-Nb-LC -
NSSC HOM Oxidation resistance  Electric resistance 15Cr-4Al-LC,N
NSSC 410W Weldability 12Cr-LC SUS 410L
NSSC 410WM Weldability Weld zone toughness 11Cr-Ni-LC,N SUS 410L